Greenwich Sailing Club

April Update

To: All Members

Hi Folks
Our adventure/picnic sail is planned for Anzac day 26 April: Sunday week.

What would you like to do? The options which have been discussed are

  1. The fleet sail from the club to Taronga Zoo beach for a picnic.
  2. We trailer the boats to Clontarf Reserve and launch for a sail around the clear waters and fine beaches of outer Middle Harbour/Mosman, and picnic at the reserve.
  3. We do a circuit of the home ground western harbour – Cockatoo, Snapper & Spectacle Is, return to club for BBQ.

The committee doesn’t support option 1 as the area under the Bridge is a busy junction for ferries exiting Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, North Sydney and Balmain, while being prone to wind lulls (hence no steerage, and an inability to dodge/give way to ferries). While big yachts can just start the diesel in this situation, a gaggle of junior dinghies under the Bridge would be helpless and this is just asking for trouble.

Option 2 looks most attractive, but would depend on the weather and our ability to organise the fleet to Clontarf.
Option 3 is the fall back if weather is iffy, or we cant organise transport to Clontarf.

In order to allow us to plan, would you please, if you want to take part, indicate

– your preference for option 2 or 3

– if you support option 2, your preference wrt dinghy type. This might be your Laser, the family Opti/f11, or you/your child may wish to be part of a larger club dinghy crew. Thanks to a generous donation from our Laser sailor/Club Captain Dennis Leo, the club now possesses a Tasar dinghy, so with the two NVs, we are now able to get a fair number of people on the water in a larger crewed dinghy.
Would you/your child want to be in their junior dinghy or on an NV/Tasar?

– if you support Option 2, please advise your ability to transport your dinghy to Clontarf, or ability to assist getting an NV to Clontarf.

A response by Friday this week will be appreciated.