Safety Policy

GSC has a policy of encouraging its members and their guests to conduct their activities on club premises and on the water in a safe manner.

As the club is operated by volunteers:

  • GSC seeks the co-operation of all volunteers and members generally to make reasonable efforts to encourage safe behaviour.
  • GSC invites volunteers and members generally to assist with making reasonable efforts to maintain safety on club premises, rigging areas, launch ramps and on the water. While GSC encourages safety, it does not take responsibility for unsafe conduct by members or their guests. Specific safety issues for club members and guests

Rigging your boat

  • To prevent injury to yourself or damage to property, ensure you have adequate assistance to remove your boat from its rack, trailer or car rooftop.
  • Make sure your boat is ready for sailing and all equipment is in workable condition.
  • Keep the boat and rigging clear of overhead structures (verandahs)

Launching your boat

  • Volunteers are encouraged to clean ramps during the sailing season, however they can still be slippery and care should be taken to avoid injury to yourself or damage to property.
  • Be ready to assist others, particularly less experienced sailors.

On the water You must

  • Wear an approved personal flotation device.
  • Maintain a good lookout for other vessels at all times.
  • Have a good understanding of current racing rules which makes for safer and more enjoyable racing
  • In the event of capsize, stay with your boat at all times. If you cannot right your boat, stay with your boat until a pickup boat can assist you.

Individual’s responsibility:

  • The decision to sail rests with each crew.Sailors should not sail if they are not confident they can handle the prevailing and forecast conditions.
  • Parents of young sailors must ensure that their child is wearing suitable clothing, equipment and sunscreen

Use of Club boats

Any club member operating a club boat must

In relation to the club-owned power boats:

  • hold a Waterways’ license, and
  • have undergone GSC instruction on pickup boat usage

In relation to all club-owned training boats:

  • Wear an approved personal flotation device whilst operating any such boats In relation to all club-owned boats:
  • Observe all waterways authorities regulations and conditions on licenses regarding the use of Vessels on the Harbour and elsewhere when on regattas away from the club operated venues
  • Smoking on the club boats is prohibited.

First aid

  • First aid kits are located on the club’s power boats and in the canteen.
  • A telephone in the canteen is available for emergency calls.

Conduct with Children

  • All club members and volunteers are required to complete all declarations required by Law and to hand to the club’s officers appropriate signed declarations when required by the club to make the declarations.
  • The club undertakes to keep all declarations confidential and in a register which will be updated from time to time as required by Law. Agreement to abide the club’s policies and rules All members will abide the rules and policies of the club and if called upon to do so will sign an appropriate acknowledgement of each person’s understanding of the rules and policies and of their willingness to comply.

General Safety

Here is some useful information from the Port Authority of New South Wales about steering clear of large ships.